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The same group that produces the California International Marathon‚ an event that continues to develop athletes who qualify for the US Olympics, National Championships, and USA Championships‚ has designed this flat‚ fast course through the “best of Sacramento” to start and finish at the California State Capitol. The credit union sponsored version of the racewill also play host to the USA Track and Field Pacific Association Championship‚ making a sure bet to quickly join the ranks of one of the elite races on the West Coast and another major fundraising event for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals‚ that treat over 10 million children annually across the U.S. The donations are counted as part of the over $130 million raised since 1996 through Credit Unions for Kids, which is the 3rd largest fundraising entity for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals‚ only after Wal-Mart and Costco.

Since 2002‚ credit unions and business partners donated over $7 Million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide. Because of the generous contributions by our lead partner‚ PSCU Financial Services, CO-OP Financial Services and other business providers‚ every dollar generated by credit unions was returned to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital serving their LOCAL communities.

“For the kids and their families, this race provides a life-changing experience. Every day for them, as well as the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, is like a ten-mile run as they complete their medical journey. Credit unions are honored to be a part of it.” John Pamer, President/CEO of Diablo Valley Federal Credit Union, and Chair of the SacTown race committee
“I agree‚” says CCUL/NCUL President‚ Diana Dykstra. “I have a vision of 50 races being run on the same day across the country raising funds for Credit Unions for Kids while at the same time highlighting the great work credit unions do for their local communities.”

BUILDING AWARENESS— National and Local Exposure
The Credit Union SacTown Run‚ held in Sacramento‚ California will coincide with the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run and Festival‚ representing an important opportunity to gain awareness for our industry on both Capitol Hill in Washington‚ DC and at the California State Capitol‚ in Sacramento. The event starts and ends in front of the State Capitol giving it high visibility.

“The fundraising is only one part of the picture. Just as important is being in Washington‚ D.C. With the over 231 Members of Congress who are Honorary Race Chairs and hundreds of Hill staffers participating in the race‚ the phrase ‘credit union’ was prominent everywhere.” Diana Dykstra‚ President/CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

See the Honorary Race Chairs from Congress.

JOIN THE SPIRIT— Credit Union Runners and Volunteers
Building on our credit union team spirit‚ the inaugural credit union run is sure to draw hundreds of runners from the West Coast and more than 300 volunteers will participate in this spectacular running event.

For more information on running and running teams‚ click here.

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Join us today in supporting visibility for the credit union industry at the steps of the California State Capitol in an event that simultaneously benefits children’s hospitals in our local communities. To become a credit union or business partner sponsor‚ click here.

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